Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Raining on Wednesday.

Well it is raining today.

I think the rain brings people together here in the city. Everyone can relate. Everyone is hassled, everyone is walking around in it (ah, city life!), and everyone knows how bad it sucks that even with an umbrella your entire leg gets wet cause the rain is blowing with the wind and thus soaking your jeans from thigh to ankle. Everyone understands the rain- whether they like it or not- they know that it is just kind of crazy. So you hear things like "be safe," and "stay dry" as people part ways on a rainy day.

I ran in to Au Bon Pain to get some soup after class (day two of soup being my meal... i loooove soup... which is not something that has always been true... i dunno. it's weird) and I was hoping that they had my prefered soup flavour. Alas, they did not... so as I wandered around the little soup island in the middle of the store, surveying the soup selection, I noticed a woman spoon some Tomato Bisque into a bowl and take a taster sip.

"How is it?" I asked- might as well find out before I just get a whole bowl and regret it.

"It's good!" She said, filling the rest of her bowl with the creamy red sludge.

I followed suit- got my bowl, filled it, and secured the contents with a lid. I paid, and then went to the condiment/plasticware island on the opposite side of the registers to get myself some napkins and a plastic spoon (why use my dishes when I can just toss their plastic ones away!?). The woman who had advised me was sacking her soup bowl, and as she turned to leave said "Good luck out there," and with a smile she was off into the wet again.

People are willing to be social, they are willing to talk and connect... they are just not always ready to initiate. It was just a nice moment, and I guess that's why I wrote it down for you to read. So there you have it.