Monday, October 31, 2005


Smack! Swack! Splat! Schmmack! Thuhdd! Thunk! Thuksh! Smugghhkkhhh.

Well here's the thing. I can't quite get my onomatopoeia right.

A squirrel fell from a tree today- about a 25 foot drop I'd guess- and just kind of clunked, cludded, schmatzed on to the pavement. It was really quite scary. The sound was... well it was indescribable!

I thought for sure, in the instant that I had to form a thought, he must be dead; I expected to see squirrel guts all over the place. But nope! That little guy just flipped and flailed right over to his feet and ran straight back up the tree (not without first surveying the scene to see just how deep his embarrassment should run).

It was a bonding moment for the 20 or so people sitting on benches surrounding the tree. Most of us sat shaking quietly with our mouths gaping wide with laughter, while others just looked up and tried to trace that poor undoubtedly injured fellow.

I bet Cousins would have been wowed at his resilience.