Monday, October 24, 2005


Last night after church I met Ian and Elizabeth for dinner on the Upper East Side. We ate at a place called Divino's that was pretty good! It is an Italian place, and the owner is truly Italian- he showed me a picture of his two sons after asking me "are you engage?" and then tried to get me to choose a son to marry.

Ian and I got some homemade raspberry moonshine made by the owner at the end of our meal. It was real good- tasted like raspberries! Here's a picture of us:

And here are two cute ones of I and E:
This one is Ian making his scary fan face- whenever he takes a picture with a fan in the UK that's the face he's wearing... poor fans!

And here's a real one- thank goodness!

It was a real fun night!


Anonymous said...

Claire -

Please tell your bro that his 80's rapist 'stache is starting to make me dry heave!

How is his soon-to-be baby going to react?


Love you.