Sunday, October 16, 2005

Let Them Eat Pie.

My friend Kathryn has an affinity for pie. She had two slices yesterday- pumpkin and peach.

The second slice was at Chat 'N Chew, a cute restaurant right around the corner than specializes in home cookin' and comfort food. We (Kathryn, Megan, Josh, and Me) went there after seeing Elizabethtown (eh) for some nourishment.

Here is a picture of cute Kathryn and Megan! Kathryn is on the left, Megan on the right. These ladies are in my Saturday morning bible study with Navigators, and they are great! Kathryn grew up in China, went to high school in Taiwan, and is now in Drama here at NYU. Megan is a real westerner- from CO- and she is a brilliant linguistics student!

Josh, in case I haven't told y'all, is a politics and psych major, and he grew up on Guam! The second picture is of me and Josh, and I'm sporting the latest mouth accessory- blueberry pie.