Sunday, October 02, 2005

Knit This.

So... I just walked back from brunch with Josh- we had a lovely meal at a little diner, just fab for a Sunday "morning." On the way back we walked across 19th street, crossed Park, and entered the Union Square Park market area, which had booths set up on all sides. This is unusual for a Sunday since the Farmer's Market doesn't run Sundays. So what is it out there, making all this noise, causing crowds, inducing chaos?

Well my dear friends, will you believe me if I tell you it is a yarn festival? A festival of yarn! Gallons, yards, and miles of yarn- dyed and colored with nature's most sumptuous and lovely elements to create the perfect organic knitting or crocheting experience? Well you should believe me, because I wouldn't make this kind of thing up.

There is a lion, or a man in a lion's costume (I only clarify because in this city you really never know), handing out flyers. There are tables and tables of children, women... a few feminine men... learning to knit and/or crochet. They are all smiling in the heat of the afternoon, their sticks clicking with beginner's concentration.

The best part of all of this is the show. There is the stage that is set up facing due north that is surrounded by curious spectators. The clearly inexperienced (but most likely avid yarn enthusiast) emcee announces (in his suit and tie) that FINALLY, the main event has arrived!

Josh and I rejoice! How perfect! We stop in our tracks- we have made it JUST in the nick of time! PHEW! But... to what have we made it? What is the wonder awaiting us?

A YARN FASHION SHOW! YESSSSS!!!! Crocheted tops, skirts ("with fabulous contrast- just look at those chevrons, so crisp!"), and ponchos... it is a yarn lover's dream! The C status models strut their stuff, often admitting their mistakes as they turn the wrong way, or brush shoulders slightly too rough. I imagine their thoughts to be something like this... "I am wearing yarn... an entire outfit made of yarn. All of these people can SEE I'm wearing yarn... it's good for the resume. It's good for the resume. It's good for the resume. Focus. Focus. Eye on the prize. It's good for the resume. Damn."

Josh and I were thrilled to get a sneak peak at this month's VOGUE KNITTING (yes, vogue has a knitting mag, apparently... we were just as surprised as you!) yarniest trends... what a treat! A tasty smackerel of cutting edge fashion truly was at our fingertips!

I tell you friends... you just never know what you're going to get around here. All I can say is that sometimes I am VERY pleasantly surprised.