Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Robert F. Wagner

An odd thing happened to me the other day, and I have yet to record it until now. So know that this happened a week ago, or thereabouts.

It was a normal day here at Carlyle Court, 25 Union Square West, and I had just come back from a lovely outting at class. I entered the room and immediately noticed something out of place: papers. On the printer. How is this odd? You may ask, and I would understand if you were to ask that. But here is my response, if you did in fact ask: because I hadn't printed anything all day.

The logical assumption, then, is that one of my roomates had printed something. Alright, that makes sense.

"Hey Stac, did you print anything on my printer?"
"No Chiara, I didn't. Maybe ask Kristine?"

"Hey Kristine! I just found these papers on my printer, are they yours?"
"Um, no, I haven't used your computer. I'm sure they're not Javaria's either because she would feel weird using someone else's printer."

So no one IN the apartment used the computer. But someone had used it- right? So I thought of anyone who had been in the apartment other than the roomies- no one. So I perused the papers to make sure I wasn't totally crazy and didn't print them myself.

There were about 10 pages of information on the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service Graduate Program... no one I know is in this program nor are they interested in it, to my knowledge. Except perhaps...me. My dear mom had come to New York in June and wanted me to look at a taking a class or two, or just chatting with her new friend the Dean. I hadn't ever looked at the information, and here it was, sitting on my printer. with no explanation of its' arrival except that it HAD in fact arrived.

And then it struck me. Robert F. Wagner!

This saintly old man has been dubbed my guardian angel, and is not looking out for me from on high (Literally a picture of him is above my desk and bed... pictures will soon follow). A funny little joke... and yet, who DID print those pages?



Anonymous said...

I did it.

Claire said...

Robert? Is that you? Robby? Mr. Wagner? I'm so honored by your comment on my Blog! How did you find it? Or... or I guess maybe it was someone else, just masquerading. That's just messed up. SHOW YOURSELF anonymous! Be a.. whatever you are!