Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ellis Island.

I had to go to Ellis Island for an assignment. On the way I had a great view of ol' lady Liberty- she's quite beautiful, really!

It was raining and yucky out, and surprisingly enough the tourists were not kept away. So I stood in line, and stood in line more, and then got on the Ferry. About an hour and a half later I had seen the sights, set foot on Ellis Island (for about 20 minutes- I was not up for the museum tour, so I figure next time anyone is out here that wants to go I'll go with them and do the whole shebang... or go on a non rainy day... history buff- you'd love it), and then returned to the big island. I really do love this city. Here are a few shots from the trip!

Here's the Ferry I took!

The entrance to the Ellis Island Museum- where over 16 Million people arrived, including 1166 Cains (7 of which had the first name Albert), and 7896 Turners (162 of which are Josephs!), and 36 Rutlands, 55 Teters, 114 Dieters, 20 Deiters, 25103 Millers, 15911 Moores, 325 Collings, 1065 Merrills, 30 Vanderhoofs, 1281 O'Keefes, 21 Pindars, 471 Madigans, 5107 Barneses, 1448 Kosters, 9 Gerstheimers, 2696 Goodmans, 443 Wolfsons, 6379 Butlers, 268 Telfords, 262 Pearts, 824 Wendts, 3 Albrittons, 44 Woudenbergs, 96 Furnisses, 6 Ziesels, 692 Noyeses, 3403 McKennas, 134 Parents, and 1 Schwarzenegger.

And Last but ovbiously not least- Lady Liberty!~

There is an inevitable welling of "American pride" that occurs when you see that lady- she's pretty cool. I'd recommend her.