Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wine Guy.

Today I met with the Beverage manager at a fancy schmancy restaurant called CRAFT. It is an absolutely beautiful place with a lovely display of wines and offers a fantastic array of over 400 wine selections! Their wine menu changes by at least one bottle every night, and they seek to challenge and satiate their wine drinker.

The wine guy's name was Andy- a real nice chap! He offered me water, and we sat at one of the elegant wood dining tables for our interview. He was friendly, informative, and clearly cares a great deal about what he does.

He spoke about variety, the importance of price, and then told me a little about his involvment at the restaurant and how he wanted to be a chef. All the while I was thinking "I could be the wine guy!"

Just call me Claire Cain, future sommelier and wine lover extrordinaire!