Saturday, October 29, 2005



It was a bit rainy, but there we were- trekking down to French Roast for a fab Brunch! I had a great time at Bible Study this morning, Stac got her workout in, and then we headed off! We ate a nice brunch at one of our faves we haven't been to in a year, and then we headed uptown to the Museum of Modern Art!

We hopped off the orange line at Rockefeller center and strolled along 5th avenue past St. Jaes and St. Thomas Cathedrals. We enjoyed the aura of 5th ave in midtown, and turned on 53rd to greet out museum adventure!

12 dollars later we were inside the ol' MOMA, ready for some awesomely modern art action.

It's really a great museum- though it comes in a distant second to my all time favorite museum in the history of the world- the Tate Modern in London. If you go to London you MUST go there. Anyway... I can't help but get a little excited as I wander through halls of artists I recognize and have learned about. And then all of a sudden there it was- Starry Starry Night by ol V. Van Gogh. Holy Crap.

It's not like Big V is my fave or anything, though that is one of my faves of his for sure, but it's like- WHOA. There are so many reproductions of that thing- everywhere- and I didn't even realize that we had it here! THAT was exciting!

There was another one of those crazy walk-on-able pieces like there was at the Tate, which totally blew my mind (I'm not sure I blogged about that, but you should ask me about it- it was just so cool!), but you couldn't walk on this one because it was made of lead and we all know what lead can do...

Some real cool Roy Lichtensteins, Pollocks, Warhols, Matisses, two super famous Klimts, one Wyeth, and much much more! It was SO fun to go and just wander around! We onlly had about 2.5 hours, and that was not NEARLY enough time, but we definitely enjoyed it.

I also discovered another photographer I really like- Robin Rhode. Go check out the website, or see if you can google him- he's really cool and seems to have a great sense of humor!

Here are 2 pictures- one of Stac and Josh in front of a schedule board like the ones in Italy (even "Partenze" is in Italian! it really took us back- made us all long for Italy!) and one of me! Sorry, there was a bannister behind us so we couldn't get the whole board in!

After closing down the museum we headed to the 5th ave H&M for some shopping. This picture is of me and the totally super awesome coat/shawl/sleeping bag thing that Josh spotted and made me try on. And boy was I glad he did. I've never felt more beautiful! You better believe I snatched that thing up before it flew off the shelves!

After that Stac and I headed back to the Union Square neighborhood, and opting for a taste of suburban sprawl in city context, we ended up at Olive Garden for dinner! I ordered my first glass of wine! Hooray!

This is Staci enjoying the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.. mm mm good. $70.00 later, we're back home, well fed, and we're off to Josh's room to meet up with him and a few other folks to watch "Silence of the Lambs".

Yeah yeah, "Clarise", I know.

Don't forget to set your clocks back!