Monday, October 31, 2005

Pickled Adventure.

Yesterday Staci and I took about a 2 hour walk around the Lower East Side.

HOLY CRAP I love this city! Really, it is so wonderful! I wish all of you out there could experience it! There are just so many amazing and cute and enderaing little plazes, and you can just walk forever and never get tired of the sights you get to see!

Our ultimate desination was pickles- we were on a mission to get some pickles from Gus, one of the two pickle makers still left in the city. We got some from another guy because of a mix up, but we found Gus's on Orchard, and so we will be back!

Here's a picture of me with our container of pickles- tear!
This is actually an aweful aweful picture, but there you have it!

Pickles are good. The Lower East Side is good. New York is mui excellentay.


melissa o said...

What girls will do for the pickle-goodness is incredible.

I just got your message -


(I'm going to tell him to make it a weekly habit...what do you think?)

Can't wait to talk. I'll call you tomorrow inbetween work and practice.

Love you!