Thursday, October 13, 2005

In for the Eve.

I made it through the trials and toils that rain and wind present, got through Italian class, and now here I am back sade and warm inside, about to change into some sweatpants and get some homework done. I've been home for over an hour and have done nothing in the ways of productivity, aside from e-mailing people, chatting with a friend in Spain, and lookin gup Vegas hotel prices... oh the procrastination that the internet provides!

There is a point here in the city where it gets so windy that having your umbrella really makes no difference and it is better to just let it down than fight the wind and rain with your shield that will inevitably defeated and end up looking like a spooked retarded spider. I passed many broken umbrella remnants in the streets today, may they rest in peace.

I wore my rainboots today- I knew I'd pay for it in the end (they rub the heal, they just aren't very comfortable) but I really enjoyed just tromping around not worrying about the 6-inch-deep puddles that linger around the gutters and in divets in the streets.

Alright. Alright! I'll go do homework. If I do it now I won't have to do it later... right?