Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I had several moments today that made me Laugh Out Loud.

I love those instances- where you're walking and something catches your eye or you just think of something and can't help but just kind of bust up laughing. Whatever it is- that funny thing that pops inside your head- just gets you right in the chest, and then all of a sudden the laugh is bubbling out of your mouth before you can hold it back.

It usually starts with a little cracked smile, and before you know it you've got the open mouth laugh, and then you're without an option but to smile- cause now you've laughed, you've laughed by yourself with no one to technically laugh at, and you have realized that most likely the 10 people in a 10 foot radius heard you, and probably got a good silent chuckle out of your performance.

I love that feeling. I love being the weirdo who is just wandering down the street with squinty eyes and hair spinning around my face with the wind, being totally serious- and then all of a sudden there I go breaking my street face in favor of a little moment only I understand.

Maybe what I love most is that I find humour in a lot regular things, and so this happens to me a lot- it reminds me to relax and stop being such a freaking psycho New Yorker girl. And I also love that I have people in my life who say and do things that leave me laughing by myself on the street hours-days-weeks-months later. Pretty great.