Monday, October 24, 2005

I Like Being The Girl.

I like being the girl.

What do I mean?

I like that I am the girl. Even with friends- I like it when a guy opens the door for me. I like that kind of protective look over the shoulder when we're milling through the subway station through crowds- when a guy checks to make sure I'm still with him. I like it when he gestures for me to go first, or when he stands when I'm coming back to the table, or when he helps me down from somewhere high. I like when he walks between me and traffic, "'cause that's just the way I was raised" and I like that he waits for me to order first.

Maybe I sound silly saying these things, but recently I have been hyper aware of the differences between men and women, and particularly how I behave as a woman, and what I expect from myself and the women and men around me. It's not that I expect a man to open the door for me everywhere we go, but I enjoy it when it happens. And I hope that he'll let me open a door for him once in a while. I don't feel frail and incapable of finding my way around, but I like when instinctively a man is protective of me, whatever role I play in his life. Is that weird?

And in a less platonic way, there are other things I like about being a woman. I like being escorted- when the man leads- whether it be dancing, walking, whatever- I like that. And I guess that can apply to a friendship- NOTE TO ALL MEN: When dancing LEAD- just do it, even if you have NO idea what you're doing! Ok sorry... that's just one of those things. But more specifically, when there is "more" involved... it's good to be led. It is nice when contact is kept- when he ushers you into a room with his hand on the small of your back (ahh, that's a killer), or he insists on opening the door even though you're holding it and he does that annoying thing where he holds it open above you and waits for you to let go and walk under and THEN he walks. Not that that should happen all the time, but you get me.

I don't know- there are lots more things. I like being the she- it seems like a good thing. It's fun, and it's nice, and it seems natural most times.

So thanks to the men who make me... ahem... glad to be a woman.

[yeah, i actually did just type that. Just go with it... trust me. hehe.]