Friday, December 02, 2005

You Eat McDonald's?

Why is it that whenever I suggest McD's, one of my all time fave fast food places (if not THE) people are always taken aback? "You eat McDonald's?" Josh asked me today.

It can't be because I'm a particularly healthy eater- I mean take my eating history with Josh. He knows I'm usually after an excellent cheese burger, and has, on numberous occasions, supported my habit by searching this city for succulent beefy cheesed goodness along with me. So it can't be that. Maybe it's because he views me, as he calls it, as a "food snob"- not particularly high maintenance, but particular. Who knows.

Either way, all that is to say that I had some McD's for lunch today, and I enjoyed it. It was good, and I'll be walking it off for the rest of the weekend.


Josh said...

I don't really think you're a food snob Claire!!! That was just a joke. I feel so bad now :(

Mel said...

Josh - don't feel bad.

She is a food snob.


You just like good food.

As do I.

See? We ARE soulmates!