Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One Down!

Oh yes, I do love that feeling.

My stressful final is now over. HOORAY! It went well, there were only about 2 questions that I was iffy on. I got an A on my wine list and my paper, and so that gives me a solid foundation- I think even if I get a B on the final, which I hope doesn't happen, I'll have an A in the class- which I'd hope since I really enjoyed it!

I'm pretty sure I was over prepared. There were lots of things floating around in my head, and thankfully it all cleared and I was able to, hopefully clearly, communicate my answers articulately. Besides the fact that I'm pretty edgy around finals time, I really do enjoy actually TAKING a test I'm well prepared for. Hopefully my next test (T minus 45 minutes...) will go as well!

Then after this next test I'm free of tests and have only a paper to revise, to prepare myself for my voice lesson, and then of course to to do my final group presentation- all of which seems mild compared to today. And of course I got no sleep so I'm running om adremaline and cafffeine!

More later!


Ashley said...

yeah, Thaddeus's first test was yesterday only three more to go he will be happy when it is all over as well.