Friday, December 09, 2005

"Table for One"

These three words are paralyzing for some, but in New York City they are nothing to be feared.

I went to Mayrose today to get some breakfast and coffee and read for a while, and when the hostess greeted me with "table for one?" I realized that it's not unusual to go anywhere here and do something "for one." Personally, I enjoy it a great deal; I almost always have one of those "wow, I really love New York" moments at my tables for one.

In Utah i think it's something that people dread. Going to dinner alone- GASP. Getting breakfast by yourself- GULP. Movies alone? Ahhh! But here in the city it's normal. There are crowds and groups and tables for two, but there are writers, artists, students, averages joes and jills who just want to take a moment to themselves. And it's not a sentence friends, it's a choice.

So to all you out there, there's no shame in sitting alone.