Thursday, December 01, 2005

Church and the City.

Today I had the privilege of worshipping my God with friends and strangers in the Catholic Community Center Chapel at a Protestant worship meeting. It was pretty neat- worship was just a guitar and a piano and voices echoing to the top of the stone buidling that stands at 58 Washington Square South.

A man spoke, his name Jon Tyson, about how to live out Christianity here and now, and why waiting until we're 85 and ready to expire vertically is a waste of life. It was neato.

Tyson's church meets in a lounge on the upper west side. Go Here to view his website. Also we have the Journey, and then Redeemer, which are pretty neato churches up in this place too- if you want to get an idea for where I go and what I do for corporate worship 'round these parts. And if you're from NY and want to see what life is like back in the big UT, here is the link to my home church!

And there you have it!~