Sunday, December 04, 2005


[250th post!]

SO... I need y'alls helps!

I have to name a restaurant that I create (for the beverages class, of course) and I am creating a restaurant for 25th street. Think "mountain casual" with a mix between Bistro 258 and Rooster's, all american cuisine that aims at educating and delighting its customers with a great accessible wine list! I need a NAME! What do you think? It will be smallish, and on the moderatelyy priced scale- entrees from 10-25 bucks, appetizers 5-8, and so on.

Weigh in. Comment, E-mail. Tell me everything!


Mel said...

You could always do "Doogle"...hah.

Or "The Elephant Room" It sounds like a 25th kind of restuarant...

Or the Jericho Room - to give tribute to Richo and to sound cool - I don't know...