Sunday, December 11, 2005


I got so much done today, I'm really surprised by it! Not that that leaves me without things to do, but it puts me in a good place. A place to be prepared, and not go insane. Cheers to that!

Tonight at church we had a caroling/reading night, and then of course a message, but the music was pretty awesome! There was one lady, named Rozz, who got the whole audience singing back-up for her (aaamen, aaamen, aaaaamen, amen! amen! - tough lyrics!) and just WAILED>>>> she rocked- it was so fun! It was like we were at a Southern Baptist church, but there we were in a presbyterian service! That is something that I really enjoy about most churches in NY- they're pretty willing to mix things up. It was great, and that woman can flat SING!

It was a great night, and despite my dread of the impending finals, I think I'll actually survive. It's nice to have that attitude shift be now, and not later, because I think the sooner it happens the better.

Tomorrow should be GREAT!