Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ode to You, Ol' Chap.


Rasbree tea. Rasbree sugar. Rasbree cookies. Rasbree Tarts.

Rasbree pudding. Rasbree jam. Rasbree preserves. Rasbree marmelade.
(A spoon full of Rasbrees help the medicine go down)

Rasbree cakes, Rasbree pies, Rasbree cobblers, Rasbree danishes, Rasbree shortbreads.

Rasbree milk, Rasbree lemonade, Rasbree wine, Rasbree beer, Absolut Rasbree.
Rasbree coffe, Rasbree syrup, Rasbree pancakes, Rasbree puree, Rasbree jello.

Rasbree lipstick, Rasbree blush, Rasbree colored hair, Rasbree flavored floride, Rasbree toothpaste, Rasbree colored LIFE.



Matthew said...

cheese burgers are better. Mmmmm, cheese buger flavored lipstick.

Mel said...

Dude - your lover is a sicko.

And who else can compare to Claire-Claire's love for the rasbrees?

Or as us normal, non-obsessed people call them - rasberries.