Wednesday, December 07, 2005

If You Name Him Hank They'll Call Him Hanky Panky.

I realize that lately my bloggings have been less than interesting.

In the same token, my friends, so have your comments (or lack there of).


Today was my last day of classes, except for one italian class tomorrow which will also include my oral final exam, so I'm not really including that as a class. I'm SO glad to have it all done- now there is no more HOMEWORK, just final stuff to get done.

School can be so exhausting. And all the while trying to apply for internships for next semester, writing cover letters, checking the weather, writing papers, reading the Wine Spectator, studying italian, thinking about studying for my beverages final, ordering stuff online for other people, braving the cold, figuring out what to feed myself that might contain an ounce of protein. These are the ehaustions of my current life.

In reality many of these are completed and will remain so, and so now things are simply narrowed down to studying, homework, applying to internships, and writing my intellectual autobiography and plan for concentration (typical gallatin: a mouth full!) and attending "last meeting" of this, christmas party for that, and trying to squeeze in as many old semesterly traditions and fun "New York" christmassy things as possible.

It really is going well. I'll warn you that in the nearer future, probably in a moment of 'i-can't-do-any-more-homework-right-now-or-i
ll-shoot-someone,-probably-myself' I'll be posting a holiday survey. And I expect responses, people. Results, see? Or I'll boycott blogging altogether.

You decide.

(I'm not above threats)


Mel said...

Notice that no one made a comment on your comment about our comments. BUT I WILL.


Sorry. Just had to state it.