Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Comin' Down To It.

Well folks here I am, the morning of my last three finals. And in reality, they are pretty mild compared to the brain-cramping duo of yesterday. But I'm still pretty nervous about my voice final, and presentations are always kind of dreadful. But you know, I'm actually pretty excited about them- to get them over with, I mean.

It's going to feel so nice. I always forget that true sense of liberation you feel when your last class of the semester, or final (whatever), is dismissed. It's really GREAT. And I get to feel that today!

So this morning I'm trying to get my voice warmed up for my 11:00 final, and then I'll be off to the voice at 11:00, italian oral at 12:30, and then my presentation in my pop culture class at 2:00. Then it's time for some last minute shopping, home to pack, hopefully dinner with Lady Elizabeth, and then BED for a few hours until 4:00am when I get up and head home! CRAZY!

So here's a toast to today: to the last day of the semester *clink!