Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Yesterday around 5:07pm my brain officially turned to mush.

This means that when communicating I suddenly became incapable of full sentences, words larger than 5 letters, and even, gasp, of making lists.

Thankfully most things that needed to be accomplished had been.

Have you ever gotten to that point? When your brain LITERALLY will NOT accept any new information? Whether it's another thing to do, another time to talk to someone or meet someone or do something, or simply the need to proceed forward, my brain, at a point, becomes incapable. And that was me last night.

And this morning I got up an hour early, after not enough sleep, to start the brain a' going, to get 'er warmed up, and I realized that it was still in that state. I showered, got the blood flowing as I got dressed, got some food and water and caffeine going, and then I realized... still wasn't able to focus on anything- it was as if my eyes were looking opposite directions- my right was looking right, my left, left, which left me no ability to stare straight ahead. I tried to recite the facts I knew about Scotch on the way to school, tried to remember a thing or two about gin... nothing came. The cold biting my face off only served to further numb my skull's tenant. I tried to conjugate a verb in the subjunctive, I tried to remember what "a patto che" meant... nothing came. My mental screen saver was of me seeing a red-letter F on a blank white page with drool spots in the top left corner.

In the end the brain clicked on right when I needed it to. Turns out I had over studied, overwhelmed, over-everything'd my brain the last few weeks, and last night it decided to send me the "chill the freak out" message that I needed to hear, and only from my brain would I hear it.

Things went well today. The paper has gone through another revision. The meeting with the group for tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to this time tomorrow, when going home will be less than 12 hours away. Crazy.

It's time for a long sleep, I think. I hereby announce I'm sleeping in Friday morning!