Friday, December 23, 2005

Raining on Snowday.

WEll folks, just got back from my second day of skiing after a good four year break. And BOY, I forgot how great it is!

The first day the snow was great GREAt, but the visibility was not too good. Today we reaped the results of an all night rainfest, so the snow was, needless to say, pretty dang icey. But it was sunny and gorgeous and the views of snow-capped mountains and evergreens for miles with the sun causing glistening crystals in the corner of my eye.... that made up for any ice in sight.

Things here are good otherwise. I haven't been updating much because I'm really not at the ol' computer very often, but let me tell ya, I love this place! It snowed a bunch last week which was great, but it has been 50 degrees here the last 2 days, so of course the winter affects are suffering! Hopefully we can get some kind of crazy snow front up in this soon! :)

Missing you all, hope this will tide you over until I can get some pictures of me on the ski hill up here!!!


Mel said...

Update, update, update...

I know. I know. I see you like EVERYDAY.

Love you!


Ashley said...

I am with ya, update, UPDATE!

jules said...

o my heavens girly! update before i go mad. i dont want to read this entry again!