Thursday, December 01, 2005

See What I Wanna See.

Saw that show, See What I Wanna See, tonight. It was my birthday present from Elizabeth- and we went to dinner at this really cute, ADORABLE, place called Danal! It was yummy! So then we went and saw my FAVE Idina Menzel in her element- singing on stage! It was the first show I've ever seen at the public theater, and it was really cool!

It was supposed to have Mark Kudisch in it, who is one of my favorite male broadway actors, but he was out- but I have to say that the guy who replaced him was quite good. It was an odd show, but great to see some live theater with good acting again.

Staci made me take the cheeseriffic picture because she liked my outfit, which you don't get a real good picture of because my shirt was tan but it looks like I'm neked! But I swear there's another layer under the blazer! So yeah.

Anyway... the show was good. Rosario Dawson was there and she was psyched to see Idina, she was very excited when they came out for bows and you could tell the Idina was pretty psyched to see her too- cool that they are supporting eachother!

Well alright, that's my update fer now! :)


melissa o said...

I REALLY was looking for a belly-button.

You little hottie.