Saturday, December 10, 2005

Last NYC Saturday for a Month.

And a lovely one it has been!

Staci and I slept in (we stayed up watching her Bat Mitzvah tape- she was one HOT 13 year old!) and the headed to our farewell brunch at FOAF. There is me eating their fab cornbread with applespicebutter! MM! So good, we both ate too much and loved it!

After that we headed up town to brave the christmas crowds at 34th Street (crazy, I know) and checked out H&M for the last time for a month. We meandered back down 5th ave in the 20's, and then made it home. Staci headed off to do some more errands, and I went to Cosi to meet my Bible Study for our last round this semester.

It was good to meet again since we haven't for a few weeks, but it was also so clear that we're all in need of a break. Time to move on to a new semester, a new year, even- and time to have some time AWAY from homework!

Now I'm off to the Navigators Christmas party, after I pick up $65 worth of desserts at the famous Vineiro's! mmm!

Be back relatively soon... feeling like I should be studying.

[I love the 10 day forecast]