Monday, December 12, 2005

Magical Monday.

This morning Elizabeth and I went to French Roast for Breakfast- she looks beautiful and is totally ready to bare he oldest son- only a few more weeks! I'll admit, I'm REALLY excited to meet that little guy. I think he'll be pretty great- he's got Ian as a dad, elizabeth as a mom, he gets to be born in New York City, loved by me, and heck... he'll have the last name Cain! Every child I see makes me excited to see him.... it's gonna be GREAT!

I came home and got a bit of studying done... is that true? No. NO it is not. I did read a bit though, and that was good, and then gathered myself together and headed to work! There were 2 package deliveries during my 2 hour shift- each consisting of ONE package- so I logged a total of 2 packages in 2 hours. Consequently I studied for 2 hours straight. Which was GREAT. But now I'm kind of feeling that burnt out 'I really don't want to study anymore' thing and so I need a break. I at some lunch, looked at every person's blog and website I know, and now I'm back to updating my ol' thing and checking my e-mail obsessively. I'll get to work here in a minute- I've got laundry going and about an hour until I go down to practice for my voice final which should get me moving and mix things up a bit.

And there you have the 411 on CMC as of 3:07pm this twelfth day of December.