Friday, March 31, 2006

Shakes and Scenes in Brooklyn.

We went here for dinner and had mini burgers and shakes and some real real good fries.

Here I am showing the huge basket of fries empty... we did some damage.

Here is Staci, sipping her beer shake. Yep, beer in a shake.


After that we headed on the mint-green line to Metropolitan street and saw a show that Staci's former co-worker wrote called "Total Faith in Cosmic Love". It was neato. After our Brooklyn adventure (you see, the light-green line is only a Brooklyn line, thus it is foreign territory. We got from one end of B-town to the other all by our selves (and a few hints from kind strangers...) we took this picture on our way home:

And there you have it.


jules said...

looks like good food and good times to me... i like the color mint green

Harry Hawk said...

Hey, thanks for writing us up !