Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pictorial: Staci's Birthday Celebration.

Here are some pictures. I was going to be all fancy and do some great stuff with titles of pictures and everything, but I'm just not in the mood to deal with this thing right now. So... here are a bunch of pictures in a random-ish order. Look at the last picture and check out how HOTT and intense Stac looks...

Me with my 24 ounces of Margarita that didn't get finished.

Staci with her choclately goodness.

Stac, me looking crazy and creepy, and Kristine, the other birthday girl!Aww yeeuhh. On the dance flo'.

Me and Josh... CHEESE!

This has a creepy "Ring" sense to it...

Crack much?

YAY! Staci and Me (and Al and Kristine behind us!)

Dancin Foos.

Josh and Staci and the $14.00 martini!
This is what I call Dance Dance Revolution.


Kimber said...

Although that martini does look good, I would NOT pay $14 for one. Ever.

melissa o said...

That looks like a good time to me! You and Stac really know how to party (hah...)

Hooray for 21-ness!