Monday, March 27, 2006

Career Services.

As I walked into Au Bon Pain ( a soup, sandwich, bread shop) to get my soup for lunch I heard a guy on his lunch break say, with smoke spirals swirling around his tongue, "I want a job that I am excited to go to in the morning. I want to wake up and look forward to work."

To this his friend responded, "that's how all jobs start, that's how they all start..."

What do YOU think about this? First, if you have a job, do you like it? Do you look forward to going? What makes you like or dislike it?

Now, tell me two jobs you would like to have:
a- one that you are currently qualified for
b- a total reach, your dream job

Both of these should, ideally, be jobs that you'd look forward to going to rather than just make you the big dollas.

And there is the daily survey. Let me know!


Kimber said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better.

I will be honest, though I do enjoy going to work every day, there are parts of my job that I would rather not have to deal with.
I would have to say that my dream job (because I am not qualified for it) is to be in counseling of some sort, mostly working with children of divorced parents.

melissa o said...

I have my love days with my job, and my hate days - but I have to say that I may be OVERLY qualified for my jobbers.

Anyway - reachable job right now would be any sort of event planner type thing. (Cough, the job that could be mine?)

And dream job would be owning my own event planning business (of which I need to learn some business skillz - yes, with a z.) in a big city. Like Seattle, or NY - LIKE Fete in NYC.

jules said...

I get paid minimum wage to do mindless work... so i dont really look forward to work, but i am glad i have a job.
not really sure what i am qualified for, but i would really like to work with an organization that plans mission trips (more short term).

Beth said...

I LOVE my job. Love love love love love it. Look forward to going unless I'm just super-pooped, and even then, it's still a fun job. As for dream jobs, though...

a)Freelance writer...for magazines. What magazines, I don't know. Relevant for one. As long as I could stay home in my pj's, I'd write for just about anybody.

b)Broadway, baby! This will never happen, but would be glorious!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my dream job - being Dash's mom!
I LOVED my fragrance job - most days - some days were hard - they just are some days.
I LOVED - but could not afford to eat - working in magazines!