Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Un Segno.

They say getting crapped on by a bird is a sign from God...


I got a sign from God today. Right on my head, in my hair.

Happy March 1st!

PS> Today marks the beginning of lent. What are you giving up for the next forty days? If you haven't considered it, tell my WHY, and if you are just now considering it- good on ya! I encourage you all to think of SOMETHING!


Kimber said...

Oh dear, what is God trying to tell you now?? he he
Actually, I have thought about giving up coffee for the next forty days. Not really drinking coffee, but more like purchasing coffee. Is it lame to say that I actually have coffee purcahses in my budget? I could be saving $10 per week for other a trip to Italy. OR gifts for others, or just plain savings in general. So that is my plan, no Starbucks, Grounds, or Daily Rise for the next forty days!

Ashley said...

good for you Kimber, I am trying to think of a good thing to give up and i Think it is going to have to be sugar. I am thoroughly addicted to candy.So no candy for me ahhhhhhhhhh I hope I can do it.

melissa o said...

I am giving up excuses for not working out. (SERIOUSLY - someone needs to email me or text message me or call me EVERYDAY...)

melissa o said...

And I am sorry for the poop on your head.