Monday, March 20, 2006

First Tour Over.

This morning I had my first official paid tour of NYU. I had a group of about 25 people... It's pretty challenging to have such a big group. Because it's decision time and springtime, that means a BOATLOAD of people come here every day to learn about the school. I have about 3 tours a week this month, and maybe more next month... Should be challenging to figure out when exactly I'm going to workout (especially, since I usually go in the mornings...), do homework, and all that! We'll see! Should be fun though... And hey, I'm making a whopping 6.75 an hour.. YEAH BABY!

Anyway... it's good to have it over. I was pretty nervous for the first one, my first all by my lonesome. I have lots of room to improve, of course, but I think it went pretty well and hopefully the people got their questions answered etc.

I just finished one of the two assignments I have for today. That's real great, except it is the easier and less time consuming one... so we'll hope that I can really focus this afternoon! Joshua P is coming over now to tell me all about Honduras! And I can't say no to that... so maybe it'll all get crammed in after class tonight... but it's for my favorite class, so shouldn't be too bad.

MAN this week is crazy! And I'm realizing they're all going to be like this! AHH!

Anyway, there's an update (oh... procrastination, you are my friend!)!


Kimber said...

Awesome! Doing tours sounds like something that would be really fun to do, though I agree that 25 people on your first time would be a little intimidating. I have a hard enough time talking with one new person a day, ha ha!

melissa o said...


That is exciting. I think it's brilliant it try new things to rip you out of the good ol' comfort zone...

Love you!