Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chime in: Sperm Donation.

I know, it's not everyday that you see SPERM as a subject in my blog, but here's the deal:

Monday on 60 minutes (or was it Sunday? More likely... that was the "I'm lonely" night so the TV stayed on...) they talked about how there are now these crazy families that are connected through half-siblings due to repeated sperm donations of the same donor... so The Smiths, The Jones, The Albertsons, and The Sextons all have children who are half the mother's and half a donors... and because he repeatedly donated, he now has 4 (or in some cases 20...) children floating around in the world he doesn't know about.

Now that angle makes the thing sound negative. The positive is that these people who would otherwise be unable to have children (more often than not, as opposed to my illustration, the people who are using donors are lesbian couples or single moms) can now choose their donor based on a profile and then bare a child.

Many of the people donating are doing it to put themselves through med school, help pay for college, etc. Some of them only do it while single, others continue to donate long after they are married. My question is: how do you feel about sperm donation? If you are (or for the sake of the game let's pretend that the ladies had the choice too, forget the fact that you've got limited eggs etc etc... pretend you got sperm, aight?) male, would you donate? How do you feel about donation post-marriage? What if your boyfriend told you he had donated, would that bother you or make any difference?

You've got the topic, now talk amongst yourselves...


Anonymous said...

You're CRAZY, your crazy. I LIKE YOU.....but, you're crazy.

melissa o said...


So. I don't think I could do it.

And I would be entirely pissed off if Matt did.

We all know what they do have to do to get the sperm, right?

jules said...

if you can help a brother out?
really though, im not sure. i feel like there are plenty of children in the world that need to be adopted, and if someone is buying sperm, they are obviously being slightly lenient with the genetics.