Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wide Open Spaces, New Places.

Yesterday in my italian class we were talking about living in Greenwich, Connecticut. We were talking about our Spring Breaks and one girl is from there, another went to Phoeniz, AZ, I went to Utah... (and then there were the people who went to Prague, Jamaica, and Peru... but I'm not talking about THEM, am I?).

I was just thinking about Connecticut. I could live there. I was thinking about where I'll live after I leave New York, which is inevitable. I am excited to live somewhere new. I think living in just some random place would be so cool, even if it's not some conquering city like New York. The tiny little places across the country with mom and pop stores, or the places with little boutiques, or ... you know, whatever!

I was thinking about Matt and Mel and how they get to head off to somewhere as of yet unknown. HOW EXCITING! I'm sure it's scary too, but how freaking cool! They get to go discover the workings of a new place, a new scene. And inevitably a new culture, no matter where they go. Awesome. I'm excited for y'alls!

So yeah... nothing profound here. I was just thinking about where I'd like to live and where I'll actually live and all that. It has been on my mind like so many other things... as I always say, college make you obsess over the future. Well for the record, I'm not obsessing, I'm just enjoying the thought of freedom, of wide open spaces, as it figuratively were.

If you feel so inclined, tell me one urban and one suburban place you'd like to live. Or let me know if you could ever life in a farm-like town, a big city (like, say, New York!), or if you need something in between. Talk to me about the ideal people... what does your dream city/town look like?


Anonymous said...

Wherever Uncle Sam sends me. Maybe Maryland or Washington St. Or Europe. Anyone wanna come?

melissa o said...

You made me want to sing, "WIIIDDDEEEE open spaces..."

It is a pretty exciting thing to be on the verge of something entirely new - but knowing that you still have home in the form of non-blood family.

jules said...

i think where i want to settle down, is some place in between... as much as i hate being chiche and saying it would be nice to settle here, there are places in Cali that would be great to live for a while. however, i would really like to live on the east coast at some point. nothing too small though.