Monday, March 27, 2006


Well hello all.

I'd just like to say it is sunny and 53 out, and I was pleased as punch to go out in my vest au lieu de mon jacket. Thursday it is supposed to get to 62, then Friday 64... what a dream! Maybe this means spring is really here!

Anyway, I'm feeling markedly better today, though the pains del stomacco have not ended. I went to work today, though I found out that I would have been fine. I thuoght that I would get in trouble for not going, but I guess they make allowances for sickness which is how it SHOULD be, but I thought I heard that they didn't. Someone told me today they have originally said you'de get a "strike" either way (3 strikes... you're out) but then they decided that was too extreme and changed it. So that's good to know for the future. I was fine today, though I'm feeling pretty exhausted, so I'll probably sit on the bed, read, and then fall asleep. Though I have homework I'm feeling quite apathetic and so I'm just going to let myself be sick and get totally better before I start stressing again.

Totally uninteresting blog, I realize. But that's the deal for me lately... boring. So yeah, off to stare out the window at the NYC gorgeousness!