Sunday, March 05, 2006

Babies and Showers and Daffodils: It's Spring!

Well alright, it's only 40 degrees out, and there's some snow and rain in the forecast, but secondo me, in my opinion, it's spring!

Yesterday I went to a bridal shower. SPRING!

Today I saw my nephew in all his glorious beauty and sweetness. SPRING!

Every day the daffodils peak up a little more from the cold ground. SPRING!

Spring break is but six days from my grips. SPRING!

The stores are not displaying tank tops and swimsuits and butt-cheek shorts. SPRING!

Midterms end this week. SPRING!

HOORAY SPRING! (I'm ready, can you tell?)


Kimber said...

Claire is coming home this weekend. SPRING!!!!!!
ha ha ha, I love you!