Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Housing Assignment.

Well folks, no more Carlyle.

Carlyle, for those unaware, is the building I live in this year on Union Square, and is also the building I lived in at the beginning of last year, Fall semester. We recieved our housing assingment today for a place called Alumni hall. it's not all bad, good chances we'll have a double, but not the greatest location ever.

We also found out that there will not be a charge for cancellations of housing, which there normally is, a nice fat $500.00 one. Since they changed the housing lottery procedure this year, they've decided to waive that fee. Staci and I may opt out of NYU housing this year and get an apartment.

That's a big freaking deal. What I wanted to do originally because I liked the idea of having my own apt and not being in an NYU building for potentially the last year I have in NYC, but it's still QUITE daunting. We'll see.

Just wanted to update you, and so there you have it.


Kimber said...

I have been praying for you girl, I hope that you are able to feel ok about any deicision you make, no matter how scary it could be!!