Friday, March 24, 2006

Shopping Success, Purchase Failure.

I went to Forever 21 (and thought of you Kel) today with Staci. Tonight we're going out on the town to celebrate her and Kristine's 21st birfdees, and so Stac wanted to check out and see if they had anything for her birfdee-girl-self to be wearin! I tagged along because I rarely turn down a good F21 trip.

I picked up about 10 things, as I always do (for some reason when I shop there I'm more adventurous, I'll try almost anything on just for fun), and tried away. I assumed that at least half of the stuff would be No's. WELL.

Only 3 were No's.

But I am poor. And because of this, I walked away, empty handed. Self Control!

The biggest reason I didn't get any of it was because I wouldn't have worn any of it TONIGHT which was the whole point, and I realized that all of it was really springy and summery, and the weather just won't permit that YET. So I figure I'll wait a little longer to make my purchases... and now I don't even have to try on! :)

So yeah, there's my exciting afternoon. And now I'm off to work in about 45 mins. Shouldn't be bad, but there are days when I really wish I didn't work on Fridays...


That brings me to my next point: I can't wait to NOT have homework! I look forward to having a job that is like 9-5. And though I'm not sure I'll end up in something like that, I know that I won't ACTUALLY be a professional student like I always pretend, and I'm pretty sure whatever I do won't require me to trace themes through epic literature... just a guess.

ANYWAY... really lame and random blog. Hope you all have fun weekend plans and that your Fritags are GREAT!