Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Vi Do un Update.

Hello hello!

Well it turns out I am still alive! And here is the latest news, in no particular order, and of no particular consequence:

--midterms are going well, so far the grades meet my approval.

--exhaustion is here and better than ever, but the end is near!

--no Argentina for me this summer. Bummer, but new opportunities are inevitably in store.

--Spring break is in 2 days.

--Shannon Hopkins is in town today- randomness- and so she'll be going to Navs with me tonight!

--Dashiell is still cuter than you ever were (or I ever was...).

--We Are Scientists is on Conan O'Brien on March 14, there will be an Evite.

--I am obsessed with Evite.

--It is sunny today but is supposed to rain tomorrow... please no!

--I love mail, thank you to those who have been sending it!

--I'm looking for brilliant ideas for the summer... share it if you got it.

--A group from Navs heads to Honduras on Saturday, pray if you do.

--The Oscars were boring this year.

--I love Subway chocolate chip cookies... too much.

--I'm leaving now to go to class after I eat a bite of lunch... have a great day!


Anonymous said...

A) Sorry about Argentina :(
2) I was a pretty cute baby :)
C) I thought the Oscars were pretty good this year :P

Beth said...

I thought the oscars were good too. There wasn't too much fluff. It was straight to the point. And Jon Stewart was hilarious, as always.

melissa o said...

A) Unlike Josh - I am not sorry about Argentina. God doesn't want you there (and neither do your ma and da and your bestest - and probably that man of yours too)

B) I thought of you when Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar. I figured you were doing the same thing as I -"WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?"

C) I miss you. Come home soon!