Sunday, February 05, 2006

Supa Wikend.


Well I know I need to fill you all in on the weekend, but I'm kind of stalling because I really didn't take many pictures, but other people did, and so I'm hoping that they'll post their pictures online etc and then I can show them off on here after I steal them! MWAHHA!

But first... CONGRATULATIONS!!! To my dear friend Joanna- hoooooorayyy!

Friday night was a blast- we went to BBQ for cocktails (or 20oz, $4.00 daiquiris), then went to an Indian restaurant for dinner and then walked back! Yesterday Stac and I went to Mayrose (thank you anonymous comment!) for brunch (horriffic coffee) and then came back and did homework. We went to Match Point around seven (interesting, disturbing), came back home and I got to talk to my boo (as kelley cain would call him) and then we headed out to some Transvestite Karaoke at Lucky Chang's! It was quite interesting, ans as Staci said, somewhat like an alternate universe. We saw the ladies of Via Cavour 42 (roomates from italy), all 10 of us were there sans our Boston College buddy, and we had a blast!

Got home around 2 and slept like a dog! This morning Stac and I went to brunch at a crappy little diner on third that serves its purpose, and then came back to work it like a mo fo! I have typed 3 papers today, and several lengthy e-mails, totalling about 25 pages typed, and I feel as though I have significantly increased my descent into wrist-arthritis. Wahoo!

And for this reason, I'm going to stop typing and start reading!

Just FYI if you try and reach me tonight I'll be working 6pm-11pm tonight (EST)! Hope you all have a super fab Sunday!


melissa o said...


I KNEW IT. (Ok, so I didn't - but I wanted to talk to you...)

I WILL, WILL call you tomorrow...

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