Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bad Day.

Let me just say that the low point was when I was lying face down in the middle of 11th street after tripping. I'm not much for crying in public, but it took major will to hold it in at that point.

Thankfully it did get better, then got worse, then better. Knowing that I had had such a rough one my sweet and thuoghtful boyfriend sent me flowers. Sadly, 1-800-FLOWERS actually should be named 1-800-INCOMPETENCY, and so they'll probably be here tomorrow. It really is the thuoght that counts- I say they're incompetent because just this weekend I had a conversation with some people about how they never are ontime etc, so it's funny that here is a prime example.

To you my fantastic man- thank you! Ontime or no, it was so VERY sweet!

And to you, of the CMCMDM(O) fame, your love made a difference today, even if by e-mail! Thank you!