Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Hour...

And Happy Birthday! To my friend Joanna!

We are going out tonight- a few ladies- to happy our at Dallas BBQ (which features macho margheritas at half price before seven...!) and then to an Indian Restaurant on first ave! Should be really fun! I'm looking forward to the night out, even though there's that little nag inside that says "homework!" Ahh, stick a sock in it, conscience!

Today has been great, but pretty tiring. I got a pay check, that was nice- though it wasn't all there, which is fine, but just one of those THINGS. I got to spend some time with Elizabeth and Dashiell which was great. And guys, I'm so serious, if you get a chance to go see that little guy while they are in Utah (Feb 4- Mar 4) I would take it. It makes me want a child... but not now. Seeing him and how comfortable and confident Eliz is just makes me realize how far I have to go before I'm ready to mother a child... exciting prospect, but it'll be a while. Anyway, he's the hottest new release out there, so go check him out!

I worked today too, and got to work at the desk instead of running mail around, so that was great. It was busy and I didn't get any homework done, but hey, I'm paid to work, and work I shall!

I got an e-mail back from Nettie, my advisor, and it's a good thing! She said she can meet me on Monday, though she has never written a recommendation for study abroad which is a little troublesome, but that's a lot sooner than I would have anticipated meeting her, and also one of the few days I actually CAN, so the fact that she suggested it was GREAT. Phew. Cool. Maybe I really will go!!!?

So now I'm off to get myself cleaned up before I head out for the evening. Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!


Kimber said...

I got to see the Dash yesterday and meet Elizabeth, so cute!