Saturday, February 25, 2006

In My Prime.

Well it turns out that women are in their prime to have babies when they are about 14. I guess I missed that boat.

Statistically, the "danger" of having a child increases every decade of your life, but the biggest jump in scary statistics is from 30-40 years old. THat makes sense, right? But they do say that we shouldn't NOT have kids, we just need to make sure we get tested etc etc.

You may wonder why on EARTH I am talking about this. Well I saw it on TV yesterday and I thought it was interesting that our child-baring prime is about fifteen years before our (as women) sexual prime (which is said to occur around 30). For men, it is practically simultaneous- sexual and child birthing (contribution?) prime is around 18 years old.

Make of it what you will. There is what I learned.


melissa o said...

Uhh. Wow.

14, eh?

Ashley said...

yeah mel you need to get busy, your missing the boat lol