Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Post-Parting Depression.

No, no no.. it's not that bad. But I really do miss you, Matthew! And Kelli, I do miss you too lady! It was so great to have you guys here!

You better send me some pictures when you have a chance- this weekend maybe? A quick e-mail?

ANYWAY guys...

Just wanted to post a quickie again, I know, not too great, but just wanted to get a hello out there! Here's a survey question:

--If you had to name your child Lino or Jalesha, which would you choose? Lino is a boy's name, Jalesha is a girl's. These are names found in a baby name book, so don't think I made them up.

Let me know your thoughts! hehe! Happy Birthday dead President WashingtoN!


jules said...

wow that is rough, but i think i would have to go with Jalesha because that would be easier to shorten into a nice nickname.

im glad that your weekend was good and i hope that everything gets back to normal smoothly.
cant wait to talk to you tomorrow!

Kimber said...

I think I am going to have to go with kind of reminds me of another name of a super cute girl I know.

Natalie said...

I know a girl named Jalesha from high school at Bonneville! She was one cool chick, so I'd definitely pick that name!

Anonymous said...

Presidents Day is actually a celebration of the life and wild times of our 12th President, one Zachary Taylor. I will have you know. A fine example of a President whos time in office was tragically cut short due to an illness. He actually died because he loved his country TOO much. Now thats a true American.