Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Monday Monday.

Well today has been less than productive, but fairly enjoyable. I've got class in about 15 minutes so I've got to head out soon. Just wanted to say that I do plan on getting a good update in here soon, and to remind myself:

-Transvestite Karaoke
-Indian on 1st
-Social Capital and Civic Service
-Bureaucracy of Universities come! Hope all is well!


melissa o said...

I am sorry that we did not get to talk tonight. God did not want us to talk... (or else my hip did not, but I'm not sure how much control my hip has?)

And the Lorotab is definitely kicked in. I have bursitis, byt the way...

YEAH, and I a little pissy. No working out for two weeks. Just when I had the drive and self-disicple THIS has to happen.

PS - don't ever, EVER take a BodyPump class. My armsa re still shaking.

But I feel some loves for my claires