Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Latest Plot.

This summer is a big issue.

I mean, come on guys! It's like, my last real summer ever! At least, officially!

So what am I gonna do? Well... here's the latest plot...


There is a 3 weeks study abroad opportunity offered from my school and I would get 4 credits of Interdisciplinary Seminar which is basically the ONLY requirement I have left besides just numbers of credits to be fulfilled. So THAT would be neato.

It is in Buenos Aires, and this is super neat, because when I was in Brazil two summers ago I learned a bit about ol' Argentina because of the relationship (historically very strenuous) between Brazil and Arg. So that's one neat thing.

The next neat thing is yeah, it's study abroad, but it's short. So I could even do ANOTHER one, or even just do that one, and then come home and work. I feel like it would be SO cool! And on top of all the great stuff the course offers, I would get FREE spanish lessons for a few hours every morning- hello, is this not perfecto?

BUT... I have to apply. And that's fine, but again... there's this big phat application process that I just found out about today. I have to write a justification of why I want to go, fill out a standard form, have a teacher or advisor recommendation, and then once all that is done, have an interview! SCARY! I really feel like it'll be fine, the only real hitch is timing... I'm scared of my advisor and so I don't know how soon she'll get back to me (sent her an e-mail today at noon) about meeting to discuss and then getting that recommendation. People are accepted on a rolling basis, so it could be full before I even get the stuff I need! And I really don't have a prof that I know well enough yet... since I've only been in this program for a semester now, so ya know. I dunno... it could be interesting. I doubt it'll happen cause they're only taking 16 people... but it would be SO cool!

If not though, I've gotta find something else to do like that and then find an internship or job back home for the duration of the summer. And then there's also the desire to do a mission trip... anyone else? I'm going to do some research on opportunities... if you're interested let me know!

Ok... so there's kind of a whirlwind rando-update, but there you have it! If you have any brilliant ideas or neat things you've heard about you think I should check out per l'estate, the ol' sum, then let me know!


Kimber said...

Argentina would be so awesome for you!!!
I may be going somewhere this summer, somewhere you have been. Shhhh, it's still in the works.