Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Updatey Date.

So I loaded this last week and thought that it would be fun to post them. Mostly Dutch, but deal with it people. Even if you don't like cats, you can admit he's a cute one. Plus, it is good for your humanity to drink in the fluffy tigery goodness that is my little beasty.

Also, this is alike all kinds of crazy mish-mash, but hey people, take it when you can get it!

A few weeks ago Matt and I were in bed.

And we managed to convince the little bear to cuddle up with us!

While Matthew was packing Dutch discovered this fabulous piece of play.
"They can't see me, this is camouflage!"
He kind of looks like a little alien in this one.

He prefers to sleep stretched out in his domain
(which is fast growing... he's now the man of the house!)

Nappy Time.

So one of Matthew's fave meals is his mommy's lasagna and a few other things like frozen corn and sausages in marinara. I recreated this meal to the best of my ability. This was my first time making Lasagna and it turned out TASTING just right, though it was a bit soupy.

I also tacked on mimi's berry cobbler. This is a super easy and reliable recipe and I plan to share the recipe with you in a future post. It's a safe bet for tasty berry goodness.

Dutch also did his best to spread his fur in every nook and cranny of Matthew's gear.

He has gotten more comfortable sleeping on and near us in places other than his bed,
which we have really enjoyed.

Fambly picture! Check out the kit's face!

Here is Ron Burgundy, the gift Mel got Matthew. If you haven't read Matt's post on this you should (it will be most funny if you have seen Anchorman). I also have pictures of Ron's personal pocket in Matt's gear so you can all picture him on his Middle Easter assignment.

On rainy days we like to open the screen of the back door to draw in the fabulous Southern rain smell. Dutch looked curiously and longingly out on the soaked world. I LOVE this picture.

Matthew talking to his kitty.

This is Dutch, dead asleep.

Limbs TOTALLY outstretched. Sorry the pic is overexposed.

Also asleep.

Playing with Matthew again.

I was doing a crossword puzzle and Dutch cuddled up with me, sat on his bum and watched.
It was so cute!

Much to our dismay, our sweet and sour kitten figured out that he could unroll the toilet paper and have a REALLY good toy.

I'm so lazy that I loaded these all on one post. Matthew and I had one last nice dinner out at Hananoki Japanese Steakhouse- you know we love those kind of places!

The shrimp was delicious.

mmm, fly lice.

And done.

Another family picture. :)

And so, now our little family is spread out a bit... just a few thousand miles. But you know? We're still a family, and the little beasty and I look forward to being back together with our missing piece. We love you!


melissa said...

I love the one of him standing - he's so tall! And yummy-yum-yumminess on the food.

Can't wait for posts with Ron.

Elisabeth said...

I love all the Dutch pictures! He is adorable.

We miss you in New York!

Anonymous said...

I admit I'm not much of a cat person, but your pictures nearly make me want one. What a sweet lil' kitten!

Whitney said...

I friggin' love that little puss puss! And you. Oh yeah, and Matthew! :)