Friday, July 04, 2008

Gaylord Opryland.

Since Matthew will be gone on our 1 Year anniversary, we decided to take a trip a few weeks ago to a really neato hotel in Nashville.

Check it out HERE

We checked in and got settled in our room. I like the little "Do Not Disturb" signs:

This hotel houses 10 acres of gorgeous gardens with lots of tropical and high maintenance flowers (TONS of orchids) all over the place.

There are a ton of awesome places to eat and get drinks. We headed to the irish pub so Matthew could get an Irish Coffee and some Guinness from the tap before he leaves.


It was really pretty bar- lots of dark wood etc.

After that we headed to the room to get ready for dinner. We brought our own Sparkling wine which cost about 15$ to toast ourselves in our room before dinner.... we saw the same Italian sparkling wine on the menu for 40$ and felt very happy we brought our own! :)

A few pictures from our room/balcony.

There we are!

Matthew didn't let me bring my camera to our FABULOUS Italian dinner so you're missing some majorly beautiful food. We had one thing that stuck out particularly-- a roasted red pepper/sun-dried tomato sauce to go with our bread. It was AWESOME. We asked for the ingredients and I plan to test the recipe til I get it close- so delicious. I'll post it when I figure it out.

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel too- most of you know that's my favorite meal so I couldn't miss it!

We both had AMAZING omelets. Mine had local ham and Tennessee Goat Cheese... SOO creamy and delicious. Mouth is watering even now!!!

We had a really great time. I think we'll definitely go back there, and we'd go back to eat at the restaurants too! It is cool to just walk through and touts itself as having the only "Vegas Style" night club in Tennessee... as you can easily guess, we didn't hit that up, but if you're that type, Gaylord's got it!

We headed home and relaxed that day. Played with our kitten who survived nearly 24 hours all by himself, and for dinner that night we went cheap with burgers on the grill.

We have managed to be together MOST of this year, only apart for about 3 months of it which is more than we had anticipated, so we are happy about that. It has been great to have a few extra weeks with him, and I'm thankful for every moment! I love you Matthew!

So there you have our (basically 10-month) anniversary celebration :)


melissa said...

Is that a jungle in your hotel?

Happy almost-10 months of wedded bliss!

jen said...

Was it Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante? If so, that is my absolute fave! So yummy.

Whitney said...

Happy be-earlied anniversary to you two crazy kids. Does Matthew always have to make that face in pictures? (the one at the grill) I mean come on Matt! :) I remember the Vegas Style club ads in the Gaylord. Funny stuff.