Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Last Day.

Dutch was hoping that he could prevent Matthew from leaving if he laid on his pajamas and pillow and refused to move!

Sadly, the Army didn't find that to be a reasonable excuse to not deploy :(
Thanks for trying Dutch!

Melissa gave Matthew a mini plush Ron Burgundy. If you haven't checked out Matthew's blog on this, go see it (link to the right). Ron has his very own pocket in Matthew's Assault pack!

The last day TOTALLy sucked. We made sure to have time to talk, pray, and enjoy eachother. He also got some good lovin' with the beasty cat!

5 minutes of intense eye contact!

One last day of scruff....

shavin it!

Kitty loves.

We miss you love! Come back safe and soon!


melissa said...

Don't act like you weren't behind Dutch's attempt to keep Matt here. : I am totally on your trail.

ryann and jeff said...

today in the car kelly clarkson came on the radio and i left it on for jeff to listen to and looked at him and he said "i wish i could text matt right now." it made me laugh.