Sunday, July 27, 2008

Claire: 3, Yard: 0

The yard has yet again been conquered!
I will fight you yard. I will fight you until you grow no more (for winter, that is).

But you look pretty now! Let's be friends.

How about you stop growing now?


Kaytee said...

You are such a tough Army wife! Look at you. I am impressed. I hired Mat to mow our lawn while Glendon is away. I didn't want to deal with all that grass in 90+ degree weather. So I applaud you!

melissa said...

You look all tanly and glowly and lovely. The first picture with Dutch's eye is genius.

Whitney said...

You are by far my favorite sister-in-law.

Leslie said...

Man, how appropriate to post our mowing frustrations!! I hear ya, friend. I'm going to have to mow soon too and I dread it everytime. Matthew and Jesse can just have at it when they get back because this wife won't touch that mower when he's home! :)